Sunday 4 July 2021 would have been Kate’s 60th birthday.

It was the day she planned to join me in retirement – and we had vague notions of relocating somewhere more tranquil and beautiful.

We would have thrown her a huge party of course; given her another special day to remember for the rest of her life.

But her life ended prematurely in July 2017: the fourth anniversary of her death falls nine days after her birthday.

The dead are rarely remembered too long, other than by their nearest and dearest, but Kate touched others’ lives so positively that she is still fondly recalled by many.

She served a host of good friends with patience and kindness; her thoughtfulness was unfailing; her emotional and practical support invariably delivered with infectious good humour

Kate would have insisted on this being an occasion to live, laugh, love and be happy. And so we shall.

Some of those who live close by will mark the day with a celebratory picnic at Kate’s special place.

Others will raise a glass perhaps, remembering in their own way the joy and laughter she brought them, and maybe the help she gave them when they needed it most.



June 2021

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