When Kate died in July 2017 I discussed with some of her closest friends and relatives the idea of meeting annually on her birthday to remember her.

I thought this would be a fitting tribute to someone whose commitment to friendship and family was extraordinary – whose greatest gift was her immense capacity for bringing other people together.

All friends and family members who wish to take part in this inaugural #Kateday2018 are cordially invited to join us at some point on Wednesday 4 July 2018.

The day will be informal and loosely structured but will likely include:

  • A visit to the place where Kate’s ashes are scattered
  • Open house for those wishing to drop in for a chat and
  • Evening drinks at a local pub.

There will be beds available for those who are travelling from a distance or, if you prefer, you can stay at a local hotel.

We will also harness social media so that those defeated by time, distance or other commitments have an opportunity to take part.

It is my firm intention to hold a similar event every year, as a small token of resistance against human forgetfulness and fading memory (well I have been reading Proust!)

Please direct all requests for information to me. All comments and suggestions gratefully received.




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