Abraham Dracup, Clogger, and the Dracup Clogging Dynasty

  This is the story of Abraham Dracup (1805-72), an ordinary working man whose otherwise very ordinary life was marked by three life-changing experiences. It describes the rise and fall of a small dynasty of Bradford cloggers, headed by Abraham and encompassing his brothers, sons and nephews. Abraham was a contemporary of his slightly older … Continue reading Abraham Dracup, Clogger, and the Dracup Clogging Dynasty

A Dracup dynasty is founded in India

This post is about the formation of a Dracup dynasty in Nineteenth Century India. It updates some of the material in a previous post – Dracups emigrate to…India (April 2016) – correcting errors and adding further detail derived from subsequent research. More specifically, it: Revisits some details in the life of Isaac Dracup (c.1770-1835), the … Continue reading A Dracup dynasty is founded in India

Where the Earliest Dracups Lived

My introductory post sets out what we know about the earliest Dracups in England. This companion piece provides some further detail about the places in which they lived. George Dracoppe was married in Ripley, North Yorkshire and at least four of his children were born there. It seems that part of the family remained in … Continue reading Where the Earliest Dracups Lived

The Earliest Dracups

  This first genealogical post reviews the limited information available online about the earliest recorded Dracups in England..BackgroundSince 2010 I have built up a series of family trees using My Heritage Family Tree Builder. The most substantial covers both sides of my family in the UK. There are also far less developed trees devoted exclusively … Continue reading The Earliest Dracups