Dancing Partners

.  As our partners trace their graceful arabesques above They pause; stoop down to guide our own more rustic figure And thus we weave the skeins of new-found love. . Emerging from our past lives’ wreckage, our fondest dreams stove In; what should we do but grow love from grief? How else endure As our … Continue reading Dancing Partners


.  I’ve this unquenchable thirst to slake Must slough off the shrouds of solitude While cautiously inching awake, . My erstwhile love I’ll not forsake, Stranded in desolate quietude, I’ve this unquenchable thirst to slake. . Stay blank fear, do not mistake This tremulous interlude While cautiously inching awake . Resolve the conundrum; so much … Continue reading Resolution


. The devil squirms, the angel mocks Their cruel sniggers prise her face about While she squats athwart the thunderbox.   Upon the desiccated dust heap cocks Strut the light fantastic. Black as stout The devil squirms, the angel mocks.   A wrinkled, lissom postman knocks Now her bolt is shot. The rustling spout While … Continue reading Pastorale